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"Sketching can either be the final piece or the start of an inspirational journey"

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About Gimara - the drivers behind my drawings and paintings

Gimara Duncan-Rice is inspired by the shape and structure of forms (inorganic or organic) and how they occupy the impermeant space they inhabit.

For many years Gimara worked as a scientist, it was through this equally creative field she found and fell in love with art. It began by making observational scientific illustrations and photography of the skull. To broaden her artistic skills she went on to study drawing and painting techniques under Stan (Peter Stayner MA RCA), Artworks, Halifax from 2008-2010. This professional art development opportunity was funded by CIDA, the Creativity and Innovation Company, South Yorkshire, UK. As a result of this programme, she went on to teach art for Derbyshire County Council's Adult Community Education (ACE) programme. Now based in Hertfordshire, she offers private tuition and workshops. For further information, please visit