Scientific Art by Gimara

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Sculpting fabric Gimara
Scientific Illustrations
Published: RSC Technical Brief
Sculpting fabric Gimara
Looking down a microscope
Specimen: Plant Tissue
Xenogenesis study: Butterfly and the skull

A trans-disciplinary piece transcending between art and science

Photography and Digital manipulation


About Gimara - the drivers behind my scientific art

Gimara Duncan-Rice approaches art from different perspectives. She employs multiple artistic techniques to gather evidence and share knowledge. She also employs those same techniques to explore the subjective aesthetic aspects of science. She also creates transdisplinary artworks aesthetically and transcending between art and science to create a type xenogensis (an outcome completely different from what one would expect from the parts). A career in physical and biological sciences has helped shape my art practice. The focus of my work has evolved over time. Initially I studied the form in minute detail, specifically looking for abnormalities, to being drawn to how forms (inorganic or organic) occupy the impermeant space they inhabit. Although my art is often grouped into collections; they are not always hermetic.

She holds a Masters of Science in Professional Science from the Open University, Honors (1st) from the University of Queensland and Bachelor of Applied Science from Queensland University of Technology.