Gimara Duncan-Rice

Visual artist and STEAM practitioner

Hello and welcome to Gimara's online artist's portofolio. Please bear with us, as this website is going through a transition period whilst she develops a new body of work. To start please click on any image to see more. Further information about this page, the artist and her work can be found below the images.

About this page

The aim of the facelift is to not only display Gimara's final work, but to allow you to see inside her creative process, i.e, share some of her early studies with you. This portfolio is constantly being modified and adapted, as she discovers the best way to share her artistic journey with you, not everything you will see here is necessarily complete. As part the site's transition, older art collections may be removed as it is rare that anything stays the same; change is crucial in any artist's evolution in order to break new ground. Although Gimara's art is often grouped into collections as seen below; they are not always hermetic. Each image above represents an individual body of work from Gimara's portfolio. Please click on the image (or the link below it) to see more images from that catergory.

Hertfordshire based artist, Gimara uses a multidisplinary approach to her practice. She works with a wide range of different mediums including sculpture, photography, painting and drawing. She also creates transdisplinary artworks, transcending between art and science to create a type xenogensis (an outcome completely different from what one would expect from the parts).

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.