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NEWS: Open studio - 1st & 2nd July 2023, Digswell Forge

Self portrait my namesakes Gimara
Self portrait my namesakes Gimara
Quote: colour drew me in, like a satin bowerbird to a blue pen _ Gimara
Second skin_ Gimara
Self portrait my namesakes Gimara

Quote: Many artists prefer to draw portraits from life, but few have ever seen themselves in 3D _ Gimara

Self portrait my namesakes Gimara
Quote: buzzing of plump bees plundering out flowers of their pollen. Occassionaly, I was charmed away from my sketchbook by the soft padding of the paws from uninvited furry felines _Gimara


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Gimara Duncan-Rice is a British-Australian artist, writer and scientist based in Hertfordshire, England. Her art explores life through colour, form and movement. Wide ranging in scope, she expresses herself through drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, storytelling and more. She is a lecturer of drawing and painting at NHC, Hitchin Campus. Gimara is also print member of Digswell Art Trust.



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