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Selected past and future engagements

Gimara Duncan-Rice's art engagements are divided into four catergories:

  • Art book club
  • Speaking
  • Art writing & storytelling
  • Demonstrations & workshops
  • Exhibitions

Art book club

Gimara founded and runs an online art book club:


Art writing & storytelling


  • Autumn Residency 2022, In a Sculpture Gallery, London, UK:
    • 5-9 September 2022 - A self-led drawing residency... more to come
  • Summer Residency 2022, In a Cast Gallery, Cambridge, UK:
    • 2-5 Aug 2022 - A self-led sketching residency surrounded by ancient gods, heroes, rulers & philosophers


Demonstrations and workshops

Gimara designed and led 'drawing and painting' workshop programmes for:

Additionally, Gimara teaches painting and drawing techniques in Hertfordshire through Koala Courses.

Selected exhibitions

Group Exhibition - Digswell Arts, Print Studios, The Forge, Hertfordshire, UK

Solo Exhibition - Spotlight Gallery, Hertfordshire, UK

Group Exhibition - The Elephant in the Room at the Point, South Yorkshire, UK

Solo Exhibition - Herts Visual Art Open Studio, UK

Commissions, artist's interventions, residencies and community projects etc.

Gimara undertakes comissions, art interventions, residencies and community projects. Just send an email to,, and let her know:

- What look are you trying to achieve?
- What medium is right for you?
- What budget do you have in mind?
- Where is the artwork going to hang/reside?
- How much space do you have?



Creative collaborations

Whether developing paintings, drawings, sculptures, workshops or illustrations, Gimara is interested in building creative collaborations. For more information email,



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